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It isn’t easy to imagine that we had not utilized any of these in our global Travel Apps at some point. While some travel applications are free, some cost money or require a subscription. These travel apps have helped us plan better trips, find more affordable flights, save money, or make traveling easier. The majority of these apps are accessible to both Apple and Android users.

Best Apps For Transportation

Google Maps – Your Personalized Navigator

Do you recall when we got lost trying to find that secret beach in Bali? Google Maps saved the day! Google Maps is a mapping tool that offers accurate instructions for driving, walking, cycling, and public transportation. It’s like having a local guide in your pocket. We also avoided a severe traffic bottleneck in London because of its real-time traffic alerts. It’s understandable why this is among the top free travel applications available.

During our trip to a remote area of New Zealand, the feature that lets users download offline maps was very handy. Not to mention the reviews, opening times, and restaurant suggestions from other visitors that enhance our city tour. Google Maps turns a trip into an experience rather than just a map. Download Google Maps

Uber – Your Ride, Anytime, Anywhere

How frequently have you waited for an expensive taxi? We always make sure to have the Uber App loaded on our phones because we have experienced this countless times. In certain nations, it can often be less expensive than taxis and is particularly useful in large cities. When we went out late on a chilly winter’s night in NYC for the first time, there were no taxi cabs. Fortunately, the Uber app saved the day for us. After a few touches, we discovered a warm vehicle and amiable driver.

Uber offers ridesharing services in several global cities. Uber offers solutions for any budget, whether you need a quick journey to the airport or a fancy automobile for a memorable night out. Let Uber take the wheel, and don’t let a language barrier or strange street stop you! Google Store / Play Store

Citymapper – Navigate Like a Local

If you’ve ever visited London, you know it can be challenging to navigate the Tube system, even in the best situations. For us, at least, it was. We use Citymapper for this and other purposes. Thanks to this program, which offered real-time updates, the best routes, and even warnings for when to get off the bus, we became wise local commuters.

Citymapper is the suggested app for public transportation in major cities. All forms of transportation are covered by Citymapper, including ferries, trams, trains, and buses. You’ll save time, money, and sanity when you let Citymapper guide you through the challenges of traveling across cities. To get the accessible version of Citymapper, go to Google Play or the App Store.

Lyft – A Friendly Alternative to Ridesharing

One must discuss Uber by also discussing Lyft. They both offer the same service; however, we recommend loading both into your phone to compare fares. Depending on the app we were using, we frequently got lower tickets.

Additionally, you quickly discover that Lyft occasionally runs in nations where Uber does not, and vice versa, when you travel to several distinct countries. Lyft is available in hundreds of cities in the United States and Canada. Lyft offers a range of transportation alternatives and a community-focused approach that makes traveling around town convenient and pleasurable. Get Lyft from the App Store or Google Play.

Moovit – Public Transit Unleashed

Moovit was our go-to app for adequate public transportation in a busy São Paulo. It gives you the precise arrival time of the next bus, train, or metro and provides real-time transit statistics. It also includes service notifications to keep you informed of any delays or interruptions. Moovit demystifies public transportation so residents and visitors can use it easily. Get Moovit from the App Store or Google Play.

Get Your Guide

Cost: Free

Device: Android / iPhone

Review score: Google Play: 4.7/5, Apple Store: 4.8/5

Best feature: Get Your Guide has a very flexible free cancellation policy

When we Travel Apps, we always utilize Get Your Guide since it’s one of the finest ways to look up excursions and activities in your chosen place.

You only need to enter your location or city, and many activities will be displayed. There is something for everyone here, including safaris, city excursions, theme parks, and cruises!

Even city passes, such as the New York City Pass, are available for purchase and can save you up to 40% on attractions.

By using Get Your Guide to schedule tours and activities, you can compare rates, read reviews, and reserve attractions ahead of time!

In addition, there are no booking fees, a very accommodating cancellation policy, and mobile-friendly tickets that eliminate the need for paper copies.


Cost: Free

Device: Android / iPhone

Review score: Google Play: 4.7/5, Apple Store: 4.9/5

Best feature: 24/7 award-winning support, so there’s always someone available to help you

One of the Travel Apps applications available for scheduling experiences, trips, and activities is Viator, similar to Get Your Guide. It has a fantastic reputation and is owned by TripAdvisor!

There are several benefits to reserving your activities with Viator, such as their excellent standards, free cancellation policy, diverse payment choices, and award-winning service.

You may reserve more than 300,000 activities on its website and app, including travel to the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia, among other locations!

A list of available activities, such as hiking and helicopter excursions, will appear once you enter the place you’re visiting. Whatever it is that you are interested in, you will find something in it to be interesting.

If you’re still planning your trip and need to know where to begin, check out our list of the best places to go!

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Frequently Travel Apps Asked Questions

Which app is necessary for Travel Apps?

For easy Travel Apps, you need apps like Google Maps for navigating, TripIt for managing itineraries, and Airbnb for lodging.

Which travel app has been downloaded the most?

Trip Advisor, Uber, and Airbnb are a few of the most downloaded Travel Apps as of this writing.

Which software can I use to combine my hotel and airfare reservations?

You may book hotels and flights together on websites like Expedia and Kayak, which frequently offer bundle savings.

Can I save travel papers on an Travel Apps?

You can store and arrange your trip documents with apps like TripIt and Google Drive, ensuring you have all the necessary information.


As exhilarating as it can be, travel can often be erratic. These Travel Apps will be your virtual companions, regardless of whether you’re methodically planning every aspect of your trip or, like Dave and I, always on a whimsical adventure. Technology has undoubtedly changed how we travel, from helping us uncover the most outstanding local cuisine to ensuring we bring our toothbrushes.

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