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One phrase has become well-known in alternative lifestyles: “pay pigs.” This article explores the mechanisms of financial domination and the distinctive relationships that result from it, going deep into the specifics of this subculture. Let’s explore the psychology and foundations of pay pigs and solve this enigma.

Are you trying to find the top Findom websites?

In this post, I’ve covered many of the top Paypig locating websites and briefly evaluated them.

Findom, also known as Financial Dominatrix, is a fetish in which a payer can pay you—someone who has a focus on controlling your finances—to cover your daily expenses. Still, you have to beg them for the money submissively. What arouses sexuality is the entire discourse.

In an article on Findom, I noticed the question, “How much does a Paypig spend?” What passes through a Paypig’s mind? Their goal is to subjugate you financially. It’s a game of power. They discover their passion for the game when it financially controls them.

In the BDSM category, those who enjoy spending money are referred to as slaves or paypigs. They also fall into the group of people who are referred to as “subs space” or submissive.

Here is a list of the top Findom sites where you can join and discover pay pigs or people you can financially dominate if you wish to work as a creator interested in producing fetish content.

The Top 3 Findom Websites to Locate a Paypig

The top Findom websites for locating a paypig are as follows:

  • FootFinder
  • Twitter (x)
  • Findomme
  • Duno
  • CasualStar
  • Findom at the Local Level
  • Take up brat

And plenty more, such as Rich Meet Beautiful, BDSM Dating Only, and Ashely Madison.

To assist you in selecting a better website, let me go into detail about each site.

The Best Findom Foot Fetish Website, FeetFinder

The #1 website for anyone wishing to sell Foot images and videos is FeetFinder. The most excellent thing about using FeetFinder to find a paypig is that they list every buyer you may contact to sell them your content.

Many paypigs also interested in Feet photos can be found on FeetFinder. Selling music, earning tips, and selling your FeetFinder page subscription are all ways to monetize your account on FeetFinder.

On FeetFinder, over a million producers are selling videos and Footpics. Millions of others will be interested in purchasing your foot images and videos from them, acting as your PayPal. Do you want to sell FeetFinder photos? Register at this link for FeetFinder.

OnlyFans: Findom’s Best Adult Content Website

Another great website to become a paypig and get paid is OnlyFans. Selling PPVs, earning a tip, and gaining paying members are the three ways that you can monetize OnlyFans. With more than 2 million contributors offering anything from fetish content to plain nudity, they have over 300 million users.

You can use OnlyFans to connect with your followers and promote your work on social media. The most excellent part is that many of your admirers would be happy to work as financially enslaved people.

Many domineering and submissive creators who would love to produce Findom content may be found on OnlyFans. One of the most significant websites for anyone learning about fandom is OnlyFans.

This is a Lucrative Thing to do on OnlyFans

A profitable side gig for some women pursuing financial independence is being hurled insults at men on social media.

Profiting on the fetish, one woman claims that she begins her usual day by tweeting something demeaning to her followers, demanding money.

“Happy birthday, my tiny human ATMs. With a wicked smile, I know just what buttons to push to get you to spit out as much money as I want, one post reads, adding the keywords “fandom,” “paying,” and “money slave” to it.

Typically, “pay pigs” are males who like the embarrassment of giving women money and receiving nothing in return. By paying them and receiving satisfaction in return, pay pigs to worship their fandoms, the dominant ladies.

“They want to be called pathetic and laughed at,” Ellie Paige, a Chicago-based figure, stated. It’s a mental obsession. Sending money expecting nothing in return is the epitome of shame and sad behaviour.

She Continued: “It Plays Into How Society Views Men and Money

Pay pigs target people who post images of themselves with the hashtag “pay pig” in their posts. Fandoms usually ask prospective pay pigs to pay a small tribute charge to start a relationship. The new “finsub” is questioned about their triggers and kinks.

Paige claimed that to increase her finances, she entered the subculture during the onset of the coronavirus outbreak. “The idea of it was intriguing to me, and I knew I could be good at it,” she stated, “especially the creativity aspect and being mean to men.”

Pay Pigs: Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pay Pigs Hold the Power?

In contrast to popular belief, pay pigs are active participants in this dynamic and have control over the money they provide. This section explains the misunderstanding and provides insight into these interactions’ consenting nature.

What Are the Effects of Financial Domination on Participants?

Examine the psychological effects of financial dominance on pay pigs and dominants alike. Learn about the many facets of this non-traditional lifestyle, from empowerment to hardships.

Is It Legal to Dominate Finances?

This section navigates the legalities regarding financial domination, addressing a common worry. Recognize the limits and legal considerations to ensure everyone engaged has a safe and agreeable experience.

Can the Relationship Be Terminated by Pay Pigs?

In contrast to popular belief, pay pigs retain the authority to end the financial arrangement. The significance of permission and the pay pigs’ autonomy throughout the dynamic are discussed in more detail in this section.

How Can I Go About the World of Pay Pigs Safely?

For those who find the idea intriguing, this section provides helpful guidance on securely navigating the world of pay pigs. Discover the fundamentals for a safe and consenting encounter, from communication to setting limits.

Do Pay Pigs Have Only Financial Gain as Their Motivation?

Dispel the myth that those who work for pay pigs are purely for money. Examine the psychological and emotional factors influencing people’s decision to engage in financial dominance.

In Summary

The pay pig industry is a complex business that involves more than just money exchange. It concerns psychological fulfilment, power dynamics, and consenting to partnerships that defy social conventions. As the intricacies of financial domination are revealed, it becomes evident that pay pigs are more than just a way of life for many; they are an investigation of control, intimacy, and wants.

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