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Jason Oppenheim runs a successful real estate brokerage that makes fantastic TV. According to Netflix’s Selling Sunset, the Oppenheim Group at Sunset Blvd. and Sunset Plaza Dr. in Los Angeles is your go-to place for buying or selling million-dollar properties. Jason Oppenheim, founder and president, makes massive agreements with his all-female workforce amid TV-worthy turmoil.

Who is Jason Oppenheim without cameras?

 How did he arrive? Here are seven unknown facts about Selling Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim.

He joined the real estate company to continue a family legacy

Although an excellent attorney, Oppenheim quit his business to pursue five generations of real estate success in his family. In 1889, his great-great-grandfather Jacob Stern founded The Stern Realty Co., one of Los Angeles’ First Real Estate Companies. Since then, family generations have perpetuated the legacy.

He joined Coldwell Banker

Oppenheim began his real estate career with Coldwell Banker, where he became a top realtor. The Oppenheim Group was created after three years of experience.

Height of Jason Oppenheim?

Like you, I’m fascinated by Jason Oppenheim, a talented, affluent real estate salesperson who excites people. I spent a lot of time entirely and practically learning about Jason. I found trustworthy Dreshare information that Jason Oppenheim is 5ft6 tall, or 1m68. How can I confirm with only Dreshare data? Some other sources have supported me: House Beautiful, Mail Online, etc. You know Jason’s height—what do you think?

I’d say Jason’s shorter than the average American male. That didn’t make Jason shy or embarrassed, so he accepted and moved on. No one dares call Jason short anymore, yet everyone gathers around him for advice.

Jason’s weight is proportional. Dreshare reports Jason’s weight at 149 pounds. About 68 kg in kilograms. I find him proportionate and toned.

Only talking about quantitative numbers won’t tell you how tall Jason is, how tall, and with whom. I’ll compare Jason Oppenheim to other special characters to complete his picture. Let’s go.

Marie-Lou Nurku and Jason Oppenheim

The snapshot shows Marie-Lou Nurk, Jason’s new lover, as a taller photo model than Jason. Her extra clogs make her taller than Jason. Marie-Lou is 5’10” and 4 inches taller than Jason. I was thrilled to see them happy since I knew Marie-Lou Nurk would be Jason’s other half.

Showing Jason’s Height in Different Outfits

Selling Sunset fans know Jason Oppenheim is tall. Yes, sort of… He’s 5ft6 (1m68), shorter than his ex-girlfriend Chrishell Stause, 5ft7. At 5’6″, his twin brother Brett is like Jason.

Jason knows how to dress for his height, whether casual or professional. To look skinny, he wears slim-fit or fitted clothes for everyday outfits, like shorts and T-shirts. His office attire includes slender single-breasted jackets and pants without cuffs to create the illusion of length.

Why Jason Oppenheim’s Height Matters

Jason Oppenheim is 5’6″ tall for those interested in his height. Interestingly, his twin brother Brett is the same size.

Many reasons make knowing his height crucial. For instance, if you like Jason Oppenheim on ‘Selling Sunset,’ you should know his size to grasp his humorous discussions with other cast members.

This height was ordinary in the 1600s, but modern nutrition and medicine have made humans taller. Today, 5’6″ is regarded as below average for men’s size.

Chrishell Stause

Since her soap star debut in 2005, Chrishell, married to Justin Hartley, has been on TV. From 2005 to 2011, she played Amanda Dillon in All My Children, one of her most famous roles.

Chris Stause now

After switching careers, Chrishell is worth £4m. In no way are we jealous! She’s dating her boss and co-star Jason Oppenheim; we’re excited for season 4.

Christine Quinn then

Christine Quinn has removed all pre-show photos from the internet, but we’re betting she’s always looked this beautiful since she started in entertainment and Vogue.

Jason Oppenheim, the Star of Reality TV

Jason’s real estate career took off when the Netflix series “Selling Sunset” launched him to international recognition. The show’s impact on his life and career is covered in this section.

“Selling Sunset” and International Acclaim

The Oppenheim Group’s high-stakes, dramatic environment was the focus of the reality TV series “Selling Sunset.” It displayed their opulent possessions and the relationships among employees within the company.

The Impact of the Show

Due to the success of the show, Jason Oppenheim became well-known. It strengthened his standing in the real estate sector and brought him more clients and celebrity contacts.

Professional Views

We’ll offer readers a peek into Jason Oppenheim’s success tactics and ideas in this part with his expert thoughts.

Secrets of Success

According to Jason, the secret to success in real estate is hard work, devotion, and continuous client support. He is a firm believer in going above and beyond to satisfy customers.

Overcoming Obstacles

The real estate industry has its share of difficulties. Aspiring real estate agents can learn much from Jason’s observations on navigating the market’s highs and lows.

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Jason Oppenheim’s net worth?

His real estate profession and “Selling Sunset.” revenues have made Jason Oppenheim worth $50 million.

How do I contact The Oppenheim Group for real estate services?

The Oppenheim Group can be reached via their website or the Los Angeles office.

Who are some famous Oppenheim Group clients?

Many celebrities have used the Oppenheim Group, including Chrissy Teigen, Orlando Bloom, and Nicole Scherzinger.

Does Jason Oppenheim have any non-real estate businesses?

Jason is mainly involved with real estate, although he wants to try other businesses.

Jason’s tips for prospective real estate agents?

Jason stresses networking, customer service, and perseverance.

How can I watch “Selling Sunset” to learn about Jason Oppenheim?

Watch “Selling Sunset” on Netflix to learn about Jason’s career and luxury real estate.


As seen, Jason Oppenheim is tall. Jason is a good role model. Also, mention Jason’s height to make your friends feel short. Jason is tall, no doubt.

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