Instagram Verification

Who gets Instagram verified?

Anyone can request an Instagram verified badge. Instagram is notoriously rigorous (and cryptic) about who gets verified. If you run an account on the verge of “notable,” how do you determine if you qualify?

You may not: Receive one on Instagram if you have a blue checkmark on Twitter or Facebook.

Instagram states: “Only some public figures, celebrities, and brands have verified badges on Instagram.” So: “only accounts with a high likelihood of being impersonated.”

What we Know About Eligibility

Follow the network’s TOS and Community Guidelines first. Additionally, your account must match these criteria:

Does your account: Represent a natural person, business, or brand. You cannot be a fan or meme page.

Instagram verification: Is limited to one account per person or business, except for language-specific profiles.

Private Instagram Profiles Cannot be Verified

Do you have a bio, profile photo, and post:

While subjective: Instagram defines a prominent name as “well-known” and “highly searched for.”

Verify your Instagram Verification account: If you’re convinced you fit these conditions or want to take a chance.

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Instagram verification

Log in to the account you want a verified badge for. Enter your profile by tapping your profile image in the bottom right corner of the app.

Log in to Instagram to Request

Instagram verification

Request Verification Under Settings and Account on Your Profile:

Hit the hamburger icon (three lines) from your profile page in the top-right corner and select Settings. Request verification is at the bottom of your settings page.

Verify Request

Open the application form and submit your information by clicking Request Verification.

Fill out Details

Fill out your personal and business details, such as:

Your Total (Or Trading) name

A driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID is required to verify your identification.

Official Business Paperwork

Give us company paperwork like registration papers or utility bills.


Choose your industry and audience to certify your web presence. List any additional brand names you may be known by.

Supporting links to Prove Your Fame

You can connect to additional verified social media accounts, articles, or press releases featuring your brand, your website, or other relevant (non-promotional) links here.

Send Submission

After entering the verification application information, click Submit to send your request.

Instagram Will Notify

you in your Activity feed whether your application was accepted within 30 days. If yes, get the Instagram verification badge immediately.

Benefits of Instagram Verification

If you, your business, or your brand are at risk of impersonation, request verification immediately. Getting the Instagram-verified sticker has various benefits, including these.

Instagram checkmarks demonstrate brand exclusivity.

It’s simple to boost brand exposure and followers.

It effectively defends your brand and reputation from imposters.

It builds brand-follower trust.

Brands prefer verified influencers and marketers.

The blue verification badge makes Your brand easier to find on social media.

When someone searches for your brand, your account usually ranks first.

Verified accounts also have early access to other Instagram features, such as the “swipe up” feature on Instagram stories, which needs a company to have over 10,000 users. This does not apply to verified accounts.

Avoid Instagram Verification Errors

To achieve the blue checkmark, some Instagram blunders should be avoided at all costs.

If you desire approval, avoid these things.

Do not apply through third parties

Many internet scammers offer speedy Instagram verification. Each is a fraud—a simple procedure to apply for blue check verification. Anyone can follow them, and third-party Instagram verification is not required.

Avoid linking to other social media platforms in your bio

Do not advertise other social media profiles in your Instagram bio. Don’t beg Instagram followers to follow you elsewhere. Instagram will reject profiles with “add me” connections to other social media platforms.

Give accurate information

Make sure your information is accurate and truthful. This involves uploading authentic documents and not lying about your identity.

Instagram may remove verification and terminate your account if you provide fake information.

Do not buy Instagram followers or likes

Be honest in your Instagram engagement. A genuine like is always worth more than a bot or false account like.

Respect Instagram’s policies

Please keep your verification badge after getting it. To avoid this, the Instagram Terms of Service and Community Guidelines must be followed.

Transferring or selling your badge, using your bio, profile image, or Instagram name to promote other services, etc., may result in your badge being removed.

Instagram Blue Checkmark FAQ

Instagram verification: how many followers?

There is no minimum amount of Instagram followers for verification.

However, a significant account is essential for approval?

 Your account must reflect a well-known, widely searched person, brand, or business.

There has yet to be an official number of followers?

However, Instagram deems you more notable with more followers.

Can You Create Your Profile Blue Checkmark?

Your Instagram profile cannot have a blue checkmark. Instagram must manually evaluate your profile and information to verify that you meet all verification requirements before granting it.

You Get the Blue Checkmark on Instagram When?

When you acquire Instagram, the blue checkmark is unspecified. When you receive the blue check, Instagram employees choose if your application is approved.

Is Facebook Verification Automatic If I Verify Instagram?

You must request Facebook Verification separately after receiving your Instagram-verified badge.

Verification on one social media network does not guarantee approval on another?

However, you may be allowed for both since the verification criteria are similar.

Can I Prove My Authenticity Without Verification?

Verification isn’t the only technique to establish Instagram authenticity. Many strategies exist to build a powerful.


Verifying your Instagram account is a status symbol and a means to build digital reputation. Following these steps and satisfying the eligibility requirements can help you acquire the blue badge. Verification may take time, so be patient. Stay real, engage with your audience, and your Instagram profile may get that blue checkmark.

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