Here are 19 intelligent packing ideas that frequent travelers and travel experts—including me—vouch for to make packing simple and stress-free. But first things first: It’s critical to travel as safely as possible with COVID-19 in mind, whether you’re seeking advice on how to pack for domestic or international travel, air travel, or just ideas for a brief weekend break. Here’s more about the safest travel practices, which include getting vaccinated against all potential threats, using masks when appropriate (such as in crowded indoor events), learning about travel limits, and more. Let’s get to the packing advice now!

First, Bundle Your Clothes

Martha Villaroman, a mother of three and family travel writer for Go Places With Kids, says to SELF, “We find it’s easier to pack outfits together.” For instance, roll your socks, underwear, pants, and shirt into a single bundle. You can, therefore, quickly grab the necessary pile of clothes in the morning. Bonus: You can quickly identify the goods you’ve packed by rolling your garments, which also helps to prevent wrinkles.

Employ Packing Blocks

Packing cubes (around $25 on Amazon) are an excellent tool for organizing your clothes into separate sections and compressing them. Sort the cube’s contents by day, outfit type, or itinerary. By doing this, keep your suitcase organized and avoid opening and rearranging everything to find specific clothing. If you’re hauling antique or weather-sensitive items, a vacuum-sealed compression bag can keep your garments safe throughout transit.

Choose Clothing That Can Withstand Wrinkles as Much as You Can

The Solo Female Travelers Tours Mar Pages cofounder tells SELF, “Our favorite and easiest packing tip for travel is to bring non-wrinkle clothing that doesn’t arrive all creased.” “Next time you go shopping or pack for a trip, consider textiles like polyester, denim, wool, knits, spandex, and lyocell. Steer clear of blends or 100% linen; they are more likely to wrinkle.

Invest in Sturdy Toiletry

According to Lavinia D’Sousa of Continent Hop, “liquids always take up the most space and tend to spill too,” SELF is informed. If you’re only checking a bag and need everything to be TSA-compliant, they can be annoying to pack. D’Sousa’s remedy? Choosing soaps and solid shampoo bars as an alternative. Solid perfume, makeup remover, sunscreen, bug balm, and even toothpaste tabs are available. Try putting plastic wrap underneath the lids to reduce leaks when carrying liquids.

Make your Outfit Multifunctional

Bringing products with many uses is one of the most essential travel packing recommendations. The most adaptable item you can carry, according to D’Sousa, is a scarf or stole. “You can wear it around your shoulders when covering up to visit a [religious location], and it can serve as a sarong and a wrap for all your dirty clothes if necessary.” Generally speaking, the best strategy to pack light is to bring clothes you can wear to different events or combine with other items to make new ensembles. The same idea holds for your skincare and hair tools—consider a soap that functions as shaving cream, a tint that can be used for lipstick and blush, and a 2-in-1 hair straightener and curler.

Select a Color Palette for Your Outfit

YouTuber Alina McLeod says, “I create a capsule wardrobe with items that go together effortlessly because I’m a full-time traveler with limited wardrobe space.” “That means going with neutral colors with a pop or two of color.” When everything fits together, layering becomes effortless as you move between locations and experience shifting weather. “This enables me to make full use of everything I bring rather than having four or five dissimilar outfits that don’t go well together,” McLeod continues.

Apply Pillowcase Trick

The Where in the World Is star Nina Ragusa Nina suggests a hack that became viral on TikTok this year. She advises getting two pillowcases, one with a zipper and one without. Place garments inside the zipped pillowcase and place the standard pillowcase over it. You can now accommodate ten more clothing you vow you’ll wear, have more space in your suitcase for other stuff, and have a pillow to sleep on during your travel. As Ragusa notes, this hack works so well because most airlines do not count pillows as carry-on items.

Create an Online Packing List That You Can Truly Cross Off.

You are aware that a packing list could be helpful. Make sure everything necessary for your trip is remembered by making a packing list that you can physically check off as you pack your bag instead of just looking at and mentally crossing things off as you go. These days, several apps make this simple with pre-made themes and templates for things like hiking and road vacations. Packing Pro, PackTeo, and PackPoint are a few well-known programs.

Have a Go Bag for Toiletries

Sometimes Home’s Mikkel Woodruff tells SELF, “Our packing tip is straightforward yet saves tons of time every time we pack.” Every one of us has a separate toiletries bag filled with travel-sized items that we can always bring in our luggage or travel backpacks, such as toothpaste, deodorant, eye drops, and travel toothbrushes.


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According to Woodruff, “We never need to spend time packing our toiletries, even though we need to pack our clothes for every trip.” “The key is to replenish anything that runs low as soon as you return from a trip.


Last Remarks

Making your packing list in advance will make it easier and less stressful. If you take the recommendations mentioned above, you will undoubtedly be prepared. The most important thing you should take away from reading this is how important it is to protect your travel papers. The most crucial thing is keeping them in a folder you can quickly locate and remember.

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